Giuseppe Anedda (1961)
Fascinated by the world of breadmaking since he was a child, Giuseppe has dedicated part of his life to the art of pizza. His career began as a pizzaiolo’s assistant and worked his way up to become the head Pizzaiolo
and a consultant for internationally renowned facilities around the world.

Thanks to these experiences, he could successfully experiment with various types of flour from around the world to create different doughs ranging from Neapolitan, Roman, sugarfree,“by the meter,” gourmet, and pan pizza.

From these experiences emerged the idea to write a book that was understandable, written in simple terms, and within everyone’s reach, without scientific terminology that could confuse and disorient the reader. It would be simple, just like the queen of the table…Pizza.

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Giuseppe Anedda


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Secrets To Perfect Pizza Dough


This ebook is all about making pizza dough. Because without the dough, you’ll never be able to make a great pizza.

Italian master pizza maker Giuseppe Anedda shares his years of experience with you in this ebook. He describes in detail the entire process of making pizza dough.

Anedda shares valuable secrets (known only to experienced pizzaioli) and provides countless tips for making truly good pizza dough. You will become familiar with the various techniques for making dough. And you will learn which types of flour and fermentation times to use in different situations, such as in a warm or cold environment.

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