Scan your Flour

You probably agree, barcodes are BORING!

Unless of course the barcode is on a pack of flour 😃

Then it becomes so much more than a few dashes and numbers.

scan barcode flour

Why you ask…?

That’s because we’ve come up with something GENIUS. If we say so ourselves.

If you don’t yet know us, we are Stefan & Elkin, two Dutch guys who have been professional lovers of pizza since 2010.

As pizza baking is becoming more and more popular, we see a lot of new pizza bakers struggle with their recipes and dough.

We decided we could help and share some of our learnings from over the years.

We came up with a nice little Barcode Hack for you.

How does it work?

  1. Download our Perfect Pizza Flours app. It’s free, privacy friendly and free of adds!
  2. In our app scan de barcode of any package of flour. Or use the barcode on this page as an example.
  3. We will reveal to you all the secrets hidden in your flower. Such as the ideal proofing time for your homemade pizza dough.
  4. Calculate your dough recipe in the app based on YOUR flour and your dough can’t go wrong!

De Perfect Pizza Flours App is our Pizza Gift to you as fellow pizza enthusiast.

Use it to your advantage.


Stefan & Elkin