Perfect Pizza Flours App


You can grab a random bag of flour and make some dough.

But the thing is: your pizza will most likely not turn out great.

Flour is the most important ingrediënt for a delicious pizza. But if you don’t know anything about the flour you are using, you will run into some common dough troubles, like: 

❌ shrinking pizza dough 

❌ collapsed dough

❌ sticky pizza dough balls

Does this sound familiar?

When making pizza dough, little mistakes are easily made. If you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, your pizzas are guaranteed to remain unpredictable and not of consistent quality.

This is where our new Perfect Pizza Flours app will help.

Avoid pizza dough mistakes. Use the Perfect Pizza Flours App. And improve every pizza that is freshly baked in this world.


✅ Discover the Best Pizza Flours of the World

✅ Easily scan a package of flour and discover all it’s characteristics

✅ Calculate a pizza dough recipe with your favorite flour(s)

✅ Rate your favorite flour

✅ Create your own pizza dough diary and rate your own recipes and pizza’s

✅ Save and share your recipes

Download our app for free

Privacy friendly

We designed our app to be privacy friendly. We don’t need a copy of all your contacts. We don’t want to track everything you do online. That’s your business. We are pizza lovers, just like you. Our #1 goal is to help you bake The Perfect Pizza.

  • Privacy friendly
  • No add’s
  • No tracking
  • No use of your data to show you add’s
  • We don’t ask for any personal data
  • We only ask for you email if you would like to receive app news and updates

So all you have to do is

  1. Download our Perfect Pizza Flours app,
  2. Calculate your dough recipe,
  3. Find your Flour,
  4. Bake the Perfect Pizza,
  5. Share the recipe with your friends!