We are Elkin & Stefan, two Dutch guys who love making pizza. And yes, we live close to a mill :-)

About Us

Perfect Pizza Flours is all about making your own pizza.

Not just baking a pizza…

But The Perfect Pizza!

We are Elkin & Stefan. Two Dutch guys who have been baking pizza’s since 2010.
Yes, we live close to a mill 🙂

Like you (probably) we are not born pizzaioli.

But we are professional and fanatical lovers of pizza. Who love mastering the smallest details of pizza (dough) making.

Over the last decade we have learned so many secrets on making a Truely Great Pizza.

It brought us so much joy that we decided we want to help you achieve the same. So we put everything we know into our new Perfect Pizza Flours App.

We hope it will help you making better pizza’s.